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Hi, I'm Alex, and I want to work for you.


But first, you need to get to know me. And you can't know me without knowing her.

My ma was a single parent, meaning that growing up I spent a lot of time with the best woman in the world, Ruth Y. Wilson, my grandmother. Ruth had a passion for learning which translated in igniting that curiosity in others: it made perfect sense she was a teacher for thirty-eight-and-a-half years. Ruth made learning exciting while turning boring English texts into collections of magical words and old hymnals into sweet symphonies. Her perspective on life was to always look deeper, handle things calmly, and knowing that no conversation is complete without a good story. Ruth is so much of the reason why I am the way I am, and I think she'd be pretty proud.

My education and interests have led me down intense paths, but I've taken them with passion.

I majored in American Studies focusing on race and ethnicity at the University of Virginia. I am completing a Master's program at a school that is primarily group projects on branding. I have so much knowledge about Richmond, VA I could write a whole damn brochure. And of course, I never shut up about social justice causes, particularly those that have impacted me (yes I'm gay and yes I go to therapy). My entire life is about passion, and creating spaces where people feel included while communicating what those spaces are so the right people can find them. And I do it all while getting eight hours of sleep, nightly.


So what can I do? What work is behind snazzy copy and sentimental design?

In college, I started referring to myself as a jack of all trades, a master of some. I love to dabble in everything and sometimes, I'm really good at what I dabble in. I'm obsessed with Instagram and every other social media platform out there (except X fka Twitter). I love designing graphics that can illicit joy and pride (and maybe include a pun). Branding and strategy is my jam, which means I love learning all there is to know about something, finding the people who need it, and then convincing them why they should care. Some would say I'm charismatic and charming, and I like to think I'm good at relationship-building. Plus, I've gotten really good at making one-minute TikToks.

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